N.'s Apparatus
to Dec 7

N.'s Apparatus

  • Johannesburg City Library (map)
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Over the past four years Laing has been investigating what happens when fantasy, play, storytelling and humour make their way into art, and life. When confronted with the absurdities of contemporary society, with politics, smart devices and social media, that all burrow their way into our private lives, Laing asks how we should react. Similar to Walter Battiss, who found his escape in Fook Island, Laing’s solution has been to create ritual machines – sculptures, inventions, contraptions, masks and tools that help one, amongst other things, to overcome procrastination,  become socially responsible and put one’s swear-words to better use. In making his ritual machines Laing revels in irony and cheekiness; and the ‘solutions’ that he seeks through his works are often coloured, and confounded by their own ludicrous complexity.

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